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Observations of Dorset's bird life have been recorded in various publications since the late 1700's. The County's first avifauna, J.C. Mansel-Pleydell's 'The Birds of Dorsetshire: A Contribution to the Natural History of the County' (R.H. Porter, London), appeared in 1888.

It was nearly 100 years before the next avifauna was published, by David & Charles, in 1983. 'The Birds of Dorset' by Col. E.D.V. Prendergast and J.V. Boys was followed, 20 years later by the current avifauna. 'The Birds of Dorset' by George Green, which was aided financially by The Dorset Bird Club and published by Christopher Helm in 2004.

By 1987 local birdwatchers decided that there was a need for an independent bird club in the county and The (New) Dorset Bird Club was formed. The Club took over the role of collating bird records and has produced the annual Dorset Bird Report since then.

The Dorset Bird Club is a membership-based club financed, and run, by its members.

If you are not a member of the club, and are interested in Dorset's birds, then why not join. If you don't want to join us, but regularly visit the daily blog, please feel free to make a donation. 

The role of The Dorset Bird Club

  • To promote an interest of birds and bird watching in Dorset
  • To collate Dorset bird records and to publish the annual Dorset Bird Report
  • To provide comment and support on local conservation issues
  • To promote small scale local bird conservation projects through the DBC Conservation Fund
  • To initiate and encourage participation in local and national bird surveys
Lesser Yellowlegs

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Outdoor Events

Due to the current coronavirus situation, all guided walks have been suspended until further notice.

We will continue to monitor the situation and as soon as we are able to we will re-start the guided walks programme. 

In the meantime, please follow the advice given and stay safe.


A timely tweet from @raptor_identif as Osprey begin to appear in the harbour. Juveniles won't begin appearing for another couple of weeks but it's well worth getting your head around male and females with non-breeders currently roaming about @harbourospreys @DorsetBirdClub https://twitter.com/raptor_identif/status/1289212812338688001

Raptor Identification@raptor_identif

http://www.raptoridentification.com releasing! A scientific, ambitious project, informative and collaborative. Key aspects to identify WP birds of prey will be covered, in a visual and attractive way.

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