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Dorset Bird Club is happy to offer links to organisations, companies and individuals based in Dorset or offering information, goods and services relevant to Dorset that we feel our members may be interested in hearing about. Any links found on this page are taken in good faith and the Club does not endorse any of the products/activities of these organisations/companies/individuals.

Birders’ blogs –this is just a selection of regular blogs by local birders:

·       Birding Poole Harbour and Beyond – by Studland-based birder and Dorset Records Panel member Steve Smith.

·       Birding with a Sketchbook – sketching blog by Hampshire-based birder, photographer and artist Chris Button. Often makes forays into Dorset when not locked down!

·       Not Quite Scilly – entertaining and informative birdy blog by Gavin Haig, of Bridport (no, it isn’t quite Scilly, is it?) – but he finds some good birds there.

·       Gryllo’s (aka Ian Lewis’) blog - well-illustrated, informed and educational blog by leading Dorset birder, ringer, traveller and taxonomic expert. “All things to do with travel, wildlife especially birds and anything else that interests me”. That includes history, culture, science, just about everything else, and above all, birds. 

·       Joe Stockwell - A Dorset Birder - a lively personal blog by one of our keenest bird-finders. Starts with an account of his birding in the pandemic year of 2020.

·       Peter Moore's Wildlife Blog- After a lengthy absence, birder/photographer/ wildlife enthusiast Peter says his blog is 'grinding back into action'. In 2021 he's trying to do more birding by bike so this promises to be an interesting read.

·       The Bagsy blog  - full of tales, birding and other, from well-travelled Dorset birder and ex-ship’s captain.


Based in Dorset, Birdfinders offer a range of bird watching holidays to many destinations worldwide at competitive prices.

Offering better birding through technology. with up-to-the-minute news and views on British and Irish birds, comprehensive online and mobile reference, a huge photo library and the best products for birdwatchers everywhere. Bird records from Dorset are supplied to the Club's database.

Birding Abroad

Dorset/Yorkshire based small and friendly tour company to destinations worldwide and in the UK. Caters for beginners and more experienced birders alike; in recent years has taken several Dorset birders to Colorado, Cuba and Mongolia for example.

Birds of Poole Harbour
A website dedicated to the birds, birdwatching and conservation of Poole Harbour.

Have a look at their webcams, at Brownsea Lagoon and Holton Lee and the Osprey camera

And their brilliant series of 'lockdown birding' videos, of which this is the first:

Watch their Reintroduction and Rewilding Summit, hosted in April 2021 by Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin:

BoPH are also a field leader in supplying cruelty-free and ethical binoculars and telescopes


Website of Dorset birder and prolific author Dominic Couzens. Books, bird info, events, trip reports and a log of wildlife activity from his local patch Longham Lakes.

Bournemouth Natural Science Society
The Society run a programme of lectures (non-members welcolme) and field trips - check out their website for full details.

British Ornithologists’ Union (BOU)

Excellent website, with lots of great content on bird science both in the UK and further afield. 

British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)
The main national birdwatchers' organisation, operating a huge number of projects to collect bird numbers through volunteer-based surveys, including BirdTrack, the Breeding Bird Survey and Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS). You don't have to be a member to take part in their projects.

Calluna Books
Specialist in out of print Natural History Books covering birds, mammals, flora, invertebrates and general natural history in the UK and worldwide. Books bought & sold. Catalogues issues, full stocklist available on line. Vistors to our stockroom are by appointment only. Also offers a guiding service for individuals and small groups aimed at providing an experience of Dorset's birds, wildlife and landscapes. Tailor-made walks, a guided walk programme, guiding for groups and illustrated wildlife talks can be offered.

Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group (CHOG)
A local group that monitor Hengistbury Head and Christchurch Harbour's birdlife.


A massive on-line library of trip reports provided by birders from visits all over the world. Most have photos, full species lists and helpful advice for future visitors. Essential resource for anyone planning a birding holiday, and fascinating reading anyway. Reports tend to be more helpful from individuals than from tour companies.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Massive amounts of worldwide bird resources available free from Cornell University, including brilliant free downloadable apps including for recording, BirdsEye for finding what birds are near you and Merlin for bird identification. You can also subscribe to their Birds of the World which gives you species accounts written by leading ornithologists with detailed information on bird distribution and migration and extensive photos, videos and audio selections. Don't be put off if it looks American - everything works worldwide.

Cranborne Chase AONB

Cranborne Chase AONB (Area of Natural Beaty) covers 380 sq miles of countryside overlapping the boundaries of Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire. See the page on Farming in Cranborne Chase to learn about the new payment schemes and how farmer groups in the area are working together to deliver greater benefits for habitat and landscape.

Devon Bird Sightings: Bird News

The sightings page for Devon birds.

Dorset Environmental Records Centre (DERC)
DERC was established in 1976 as an independent organisation to collate information on all of Dorset's wildlife. Works closely with the Dorset Bird Club to maintain a database of bird records going back from the late 1950's to the present day.

Dorset Wildlife Trust
The local county trust who manage many nature reserves in the county for birds and other wildlife. Many initiatives and events are organised throughout the year.

Durlston Country Park
An excellent site for all round nature watching from botany to dolphin watching.

Dutch Birding

The Dutch Birding Association (DBA) was founded in 1979 with a goal to stimulate birdwatching in a serious and popular scientific manner. The bimonthly journal Dutch Birding has become one of the world's leading birding journals. You can switch the website's language from Dutch to English.

A premier web resource about birds, birding and bird watching for birders at home and abroad - hundreds of pages and thousands of links.

Fleet and Chesil Reserve

One of the county's hotspots for wetland birds, most of the reserve is accessible from public footpaths or from Abbotsbury Swannery (admission charges apply - only open in summer).

Focus Optics

A leading supplier of binoculars and telescopes for birders - but see Birds of Poole Harbour's Cruelty-free and Ethical Optics before choosing.

Galerie Bissell Wildlife Art
Lauren Hayes Bissell isn't just a wildlife artist, her website exhibits originals, prints to greeting cards. The site also has contribution from other artist. The site is well worth a look.

Hampshire Bird News

The sightings page for Hampshire birds.

How to Identify the UK's 10 Most Common Wild Birds 

A really simple guide by Katie Middleton on the Garden Buildings Direct website. Recommended by young students.

Low-carbon Birding

This website created by Javier Caletrío, a birdwatcher based in the northwest of England, aims to contribute to a climate-friendly approach to ornithology, encouraging making an effort to reduce emissions. 

In Focus

A leading supplier of binoculars and telescopes for birders - but see Birds of Poole Harbour's Cruelty-free and Ethical Optics before choosing.

Martin Down Farmer Cluster

It's great to read about good news on the wildlife front. The Martin Down Farmer Cluster lies partly in Dorset and is part of a large 'supecluster' extending into Wiltshire. Wildlife-friendly farming practices have made significant improvements in just four years in populations of Barn Owls, Corn Buntings, Grey Partridges and Turtle Doves as well as Harvest Mice and many butterfly species. 

Nature Friendly Farming Network

A group of farmers who have come together to champion a way of farming which is sustainable and good for nature. The network is open to farmers and nature lovers alike and there is no cost to join. Has news, blogs and podcasts from farmers, training, events and more.

New Forest Explorers Guide
If you are interested in exploring the New Forest and would like to know where to walk, this is the site for you.

A Hampshire based company supplying large selection of goods to support your garden birds and keep them well fed, some local deliveries made into Dorset.

Optrep Optical Repairs

Chichester-based company specialising in repairing binoculars and telescopes.

Patchwork Challenge

Brings in a bit of friendly competition among those of us whose main love is their local patch. "We’re a competitive bunch, us birders, both with our peers and ‘internally’ as well." 

Portland Bird Observatory
One of the best sea watching and visual migration watching locations in the south.

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

Visit here for everything RSPB-related including campaigning, fundraising, volunteering, and their reserves. There is a local group for South Dorset, centred on Dorchester.

Somerset Birding Forum

The sightings page for Somerset birds.

South Dorset local RSPB group

An active group that, in normal times, holds indoor meetings - which can be attended by non-members - and field trips. A modest fee is charged for membership and attendance at meetings. 

The Sound Approach - Understanding Bird Sound

Essentially focussing on using sound to find and identify birds, the Sound Approach team have sparked a revolution in ornithology. Not just about sound though, there is a lot about general fieldcraft and plenty of engaging anecdotes from the Dorset-based members of the team.

See their excellent April 2021 identification paper on Marsh, Blyth's Reed, Eurasian Reed, Melodious and Icterine Warblers 

Tide Tables: Christchurch Harbour

Tide Tables: Lyme Regis

Tide Tables: Poole Harbour*

Tide Tables: Portland

Tide tables: Weymouth

*Tide times given for Poole Harbour are for Poole Quay. Tides are very variable within the Harbour and high tide may be earlier, or up to 45 minutes later than shown, depending on the location. If you are birding west of Poole Quay add a little time to the high tide prediction. General advice is to get there early! 

Two Owls Birding
Providing birdwatching courses for the beginner and the more experienced birder, including weekends away to birding hot spots in the UK & France. 

WILDGuides is a not-for-profit publishing organisation with a commitment to supporting wildlife conservation. They have produced a series of simple-to-use yet definitive photographic guides on Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Moths, Orchids and Arable Plants.

Sharing Links

The Dorset Bird Club are happy to offer links to organisations, companies and individuals based in Dorset or offering information, goods and services relevant to Dorset that we feel our members may be interested in hearing about. Any links found on this page are taken in good faith and the Club does not endorse any of the products/activities of these organisations/companies/individuals.

Featured Websites

Most Dorset birders will already be familiar with Birds of Poole Harbour, Christchurch Harbour Ornithological Group and Portland Bird Observatory websites, but we'll try to feature here one or two that people might not know about.

Chesil Bank and The Fleet Nature Reserve

Has info + wildlife news and pics from Abbotsbury Swannery, Chesil Beach, Ferrybridge and the Little Tern colony. 

The Sound Approach - Understanding bird sound

The Sound Approach team sparked a revolution in ornithology with their focus on bird sound, but also plenty about general fieldcraft + engaging anecdotes from Dorset-based Mark Constantine among others. See their free online web books